Mar 15 – 21

The Great Hack

The Great Hack | Netflix Official Site
  • This one was really good and engaging; the visuals and the audio were top-notch and didn’t take away from the material
  • I have kind of a cognitive dissonance going on in my head. I know that the data that whoever (Cambridge Analytica or otherwise) has on me can manipulate me and some of it, I’m sure, is incriminating. I don’t read the Terms and Conditions very often and don’t mind too much that ads and internet content is personalized to me, since like someone said, consumers still have free will. The idea of free will perhaps soothes me more than it should, given the imbalance of data and my personal control. The way I imagine it is a classic scale, and on one side is every piece of data in the world collected without my active knowledge, and on the other side is free will and autonomy. I imagine a mini-me, looking at the scale to see that it’s balanced, and knowing that since I don’t have anything too incriminating to hide and since I have free will, it’s nothing to be concerned about. I also imagine a kind of omniscient point of view, watching the companies that collect and sell my data cast some sort of spell that changes how mini-me perceives the balance, and the speech bubble coming from these all-knowing companies is something to the effect of “everything goes according to plan.” It’s a weird position because as much as I don’t want my data and easy manipulation to be so easily accessible, making myself inaccessible sounds really hard. I’m not going to file a lawsuit or stop buying things (even though I hate my tendencies for consumerism) and I need the internet.
  • Of course, that’s what these companies expect from consumers so I’m playing right into their trap even though I’ve convinced myself it all comes down to free will.
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