Jan 25 – 31

Pandemic / ep.1

  • First I found it absolutely incredible that any one person could take on so much responsibility – Dr. Syra Madad. Absolute queen. I could never. She’s amazing.
  • I also didn’t realize the seriousness of the avian flu. I knew it was bad, but I don’t think I realized that a) it’s just a really bad strain of the flu and b) the mortality rate is so high.
  • I very conveniently can’t remember the exact quote, and I can’t remember where in the episode it happens so I can’t look back at it, but ~someone~ said something to the effect of “if the US gets a really bad, contagious disease, it’s going to change everything, forever.” So here we are, I guess.
  • Also: at some kind of dinner party, before she offered everyone more wine, one woman reflected on how the 1918 flu pandemic killed 675,000 people and that was before we had the kind of transportation that we do today.

Coronavirus Explained / ep. 1

  • I had kind of a “duh” moment because apparently COVID stands for COrona VIrus Disease? I’m just wondering how I made it this far without putting that together.
  • The graph this episode provided that showed lots of different diseases on scales of contagiousness and deadliness was really helpful (shoutout to this entire “Explained” series for awesome graphics).
source: https://www.capitalfm.com/news/tv-film/netflix/coronavirus-explained-tv-show-documentary/
  • The episode also did a good job of making me really angry and then soothing my anger – I got really mad because we should have been more prepared for such a pandemic and we should have handled it better than we did, but as J.K. Simmons’ lovely voice told us, science is doing all that it can to solve the problem and is in a better position to do so now than ever before.
source: https://imgur.com/gallery/glMJy

In the Shadow of Ebola

  • This one was hard to watch, not only because it was a major privilege check, but also because we’re seeing the same shit over and over again. Liberia is a “third world country” (used loosely) and we’re seeing poor health conditions and poor health management infrastructure in both Liberia and in the United States. Insult to injury is the negative responses from both country’s citizens. It just makes me mad that we have more and better resources than these “undeveloped” countries and we continue to misuse them.