Apr 12 – 18

Blackfish (2013) - IMDb

One quote (not verbatim) that stood out to me was “anything they want to do, they can’t do, and anything they don’t want to do, they are forced to do.”

I couldn’t watch the whole thing because I had kind of a breakdown and cried and decided that watching the rest of the movie was not in my best interest.

That quote in particular stood out to me because it is the exact definition of a nightmare. How can anyone hear or read that sentence and not see the absolute lack of humanity? How can anyone realize the situation and make any excuses in the industry’s defense? How can you imagine the life of these creatures in any way other than miserable?

The most accurate comparison I could think of was restricting a human for his/her/their entire life to a single half bathroom where almost every day of their life they are tortured, raped, and required to perform for food. It is akin to kidnapping a child and abusing them in front of people that watch the abuse for entertainment, every day of the rest of their life until they die.